It’s time for “Killjoys” to snag a new tagline. The ultimate boss battle is coming to the J, which means Dutch and her crew will drop their tried and true RAC motto in lieu of a fresh rallying cry for season 3.

The warrant is no longer all. Instead, war is creeping across the J. With Anella (Hannah John-Kamen) and her Hullen comrades out for vengeance, can our favorite bounty hunters convince their colleges that “The War is All”? Knowing Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), and Davin (Luke Macfarlane), the answer is yes.

‘Killjoys’ premiere date & synopsis revealed

When Michelle Lovretta’s (“Lost Girl”) kick-ass space opera wrapped up season 2, our heroes were suffering from a series of gut punches.

Davin, for once, was fine and dandy. Johnny, however, had taken to the stars following the alleged murder of Del Seyah (Mayko Nguyen), and Dutch was looking to start a war. Aneela is amassing her Hullen forces, hell-bent on exacting revenge for the death of Khlyen. Even scattered across the J, the best bounty hunters in the Quad won’t be able to avoid what’s coming…and that’s perfectly fine by them. From the untimely demise of Pawter (Sarah Power) to the tyrannical rule of Jelco (Pascal Langdale), Lucy’s crew is through suffering at the hands of a microscopic killer.

“Do you believe in monsters?” Dutch asks in season 3’s first promo. “What if you can’t see the monsters around you? What if they infiltrated your friends, your family, the RAC – without you even knowing? What if the monsters were…you?”

As bullets fly and tensions rise, the 30-second teaser ends with Dutch’s declaration of war, the same words that were left ringing in our ears following the season 2 finale (see video below).

“I don’t want to win just one battle. I want a whole bloody war.”

The First ‘Killjoys’ Episode Titles

Even though the season 3 premiere date is well over two months away (June 30), Spoiler TV has scrounged up a hand full of episode titles to get our wheels spinning.

Episode 3: “The Hullen Have eyes”

Episode 5: “Attack the Rack”

Episode 6: “Bug in an Elevator”

Episode 7: “The Wolf You Feed”

Excited yet?

The premiere title is still a mystery, but we know our heroes will start off the season with one goal in mind - finding Johnny Jacobis. Unfortunately for the team's resident mechanic, he might have ended season 2 by stumbling straight into Aneela's thorny nest. Tune in to Syfy on June 30 to learn more.