After leaving the White House, it looks like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are having the time of their life. The former first couple is on a vacation spree as they are recently spotted on the island of Moorea in the South Pacific on Friday.

Barack taking photos

In fact, the 44th U.S. President is now called the Instagram husband as he is spotted taking a snap of his wife while on the top deck of a yacht. By the looks of it, the first African-American head of state is holding a table while the former First Lady of the United States is striking a pose.

Aside from the power couple, the Obamas are also with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfrey at David Geffen's luxury yacht called the Rising Sun before leaving Tahiti. The parents of Malia Ann Obama and Sasha Obama have been staying in French Polynesia for almost a month now.

The grand vacation

Although Barack is already out of the public eye, he is still loved and followed by a lot of people. He is known for being approachable, giving his smiles to everyone that made them love him more. Since they left the capital in January, they have visited Palm Springs and met Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands

“Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, and then we’ll get back to work,” Barack tweeted.

Of course, his wife also let their followers know what they are up to. “After an extraordinary eight years, I'll be taking a little break. Will be back before you know it to work with you on the issues we care about,” Michelle said on Twitter.

French Polynesia

Since March 15, Barack has been staying on the island of Tetiaroa at Marlon Brando’s luxurious resort called Brando.

It has been said that he is also busy doing his memoir while enjoying his vacation. But, it seems like Michelle is not with him all the time.

However, when the American lawyer-writer arrived, the local news outlet TNTV spotted them together on a boat going to the island of Moorea to enjoy a day swimming and other water activities.

They, too, were joined by other crafts that said to be their bodyguards.

The publication noted that Michelle was evidently enjoying the moment while paddleboarding. Barack, on the other hand, was swimming in the secluded lagoon. He, too, was seen snorkeling on the outer island of Fakarava.

"True to his reputation, he was very relaxed," a source told People. He was also allowing his fans are asking for selfies, but their entourage insisted that the photos would only be used privately.