Over the last week, Bill O'Reilly has been taken through the wringer after the New York Times reported that the Fox News host had reached a settlement with five different women who had accused him of sexual harassment over the last decade. In response, Alec Baldwin and "Saturday Night Live" decided to give their take on the issue at hand.

"SNL" on the case

To kick off April, President Donald Trump officially declared the month "Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month." The news quickly raised eyebrows as the former host of "The Apprentice" has a well-documented history of his own sexual accusers, most notably the 12 women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault in the weeks before the election last year.

Just days after the president made the announcement, the New York Times ran the aforementioned article. Since then, over two dozen sponsors have pulled their ads from running on Fox News during "The O'Reilly Factor," with the host receiving non-stop criticism in the media. Despite this, Trump spoke with the paper during the week and came to the defense of Bill O'Reilly, praising him as a "good man," while casting doubt over his accusers. This issue was highlighted during the April 8 edition of "Saturday Night Live."

Returning from a month break, "Saturday Night Live" was back on NBC and actor Alec Baldwin made sure to be part of the cast.

After mocking Donald Trump during the cold open, Baldwin appeared later in the show to take a shot at Bill O'Reilly. Dressed as the Fox News host, Baldwin played a satirical version of O'Reilly who was seen having an interaction with a female network corespondent while downplaying the allegations.

Double down

The kicker of the segment came when Baldwin's Bill O'Reilly interviewed Donald Trump, also played by the actor.

"Can I tell you something, I actually see a lot of myself in you," the parody Trump said to the host. The satirical version of the president admitted that he didn't know the facts of the case, but decided to take the side of his friend regardless, while poking fun at the fact that he doesn't understand much about health care reform, as has been too busy "blowing sh*t up," in reference to the recent missiles attack in Syria.

As of press time, neither Trump or O'Reilly have commented on the sketch, which shouldn't come as a surprise since the Fox News host is caught up in the scandal, and the commander in chief has been silent with his criticism of "SNL" since being sworn into office last January.