Amber Heard, 31, and her boyfriend, the billionaire Elon Musk, 45, appeared in public for first time, during their stay in Australia. The actress is in Queensland, where she is filming "Aquaman," her next movie. The blonde artist and the entrepreneur have already spent time together in Florida and California but had not yet officialized their relationship.

According to the actress' father, David Heard, the relationship is so serious, that the couple plans to marry and have children. The romance began in August of last year, shortly after she separated from Johnny Depp, 53, because of domestic violence.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is a South African businessman, owner of brands like PayPal, Zip2, and Neuralink, among others. He has an estimated net worth of $ 14 billion, thanks to innovative ideas that he has contributed to technology. He has an eccentric and charismatic personality that he applies daily in his work.

He has had an interesting love life: he was married twice. First, with the horror fiction writer Justine Musk, 44, with whom he had six sons, and whom he divorced in 2008. Then, he was married to the English actress Talulah Riley, 31, the marriage lasted only two years and they had no children.

Hope in love

Amber Heard has had a traumatic divorce from Johnny Depp since she claims to have suffered domestic violence throughout the time the marriage lasted.

She is confident that her romance with Musk will last a long time since she is very much in love.

The artist is openly bisexual and found in the entrepreneur a man who understands perfectly. Heard told in an interview that her life changed radically when she said that she liked women and men alike. The "Zombieland" star was very surprised when she realized that her sexuality aroused so much interest in the media.

The artist always lived her bisexuality freely and did not understand why the others judged her for that. Heard is a beautiful woman and that has brought her problems in Hollywood since they always ask her to play sexy characters. Logically, she prefers to work in different roles that improve her as an artist.

Being a woman in Hollywood is a bit difficult since there is little diversity in the female characters of today's movies. Actresses like Mila Kunis, Jennifer Laurence, and Ariel Winter have publicly denounced that there is sexism in the film industry and that is time for that to change forever.