The "WWE Payback" pay-per-view aired at 8:00 p.m. Sunday night, on the WWE Network as well as Cox Cable. If you have the WWE network, you pay $10.00 a month for the service. All shows and pay-per-view events are included for the price. Cox Cable charged $44.95. "Payback" was held in San Jose, CA., where Alexa Bliss made history. She became the first female champion to hold two WWE titles simultaneously.

Alexa's travels

Alexa Bliss has had an interesting year with the WWE. In 2016, she became the "SmackDown" women's champion, and later had the honor of being the first woman to hold the title twice.

During "WrestleMania 33," Bliss lost her championship belt to Naomi. Shortly after that, she was drafted to "Raw." Sunday night, Alexa went up against Bayley.

Initially, it looked as if Bayley was going to retain her title in her hometown. Alas it was not so. Alexis won the match, giving her the "RAW" women's championship belt, and a place in history.

Alexis Kaufman

Alexa Bliss was born Alexis Kaufman on August 9th, 1991, in Columbus, OH. She has been involved in various sports since the age of 5. They include track, softball, kickboxing, cheerleading, professional bodybuilding and gymnastics. Kaufman became a part of the WWE in their developmental territory "NXT," in May of 2013. In August of that year, she was assigned the name of Alexis Bliss.

She joined "SmackDown" in 2016, and was placed recently on "RAW." She is engaged to fellow WWE wrestler Buddy Murphy, who is currently in "NXT."

The next chapter for the champion

There is no telling where Alexa Bliss is headed. She should bask in her history-making moment. When interviewed afterward, Bliss was disappointed because there were no balloons and no big celebration.

She said she was happy, but clearly she expected more fanfare outside the ring. She mentioned that the crowd was hostile toward her, because it was Bayley's hometown. Her attitude was rather snide and condescending, and she walked out of the interview before it was over.