For the better part of the last six months, Alec Baldwin's satirical portrayal of Donald Trump has been one of the most popular topics in pop culture. While the president has pushed for the show to end its impersonations, Baldwin has a suggestion as to how Trump could get his wish.

Baldwin on Trump

Once Donald Trump stood at the podium at Trump Tower in New York City two years ago and announced his presidential campaign, it was only a matter of time before he was made the butt of a joke. The former host of "The Apprentice" has been in the national spotlight for four decades, as his background in real estate, and later in reality TV, has kept his name in the headlines.

While the initial reaction to Trump's candidacy was seen as nothing more than a joke that would eventually flame out, the billionaire real estate mogul caught fire, and was able to ride that momentum to the Republican nomination last July. However, it wasn't until after his first debate with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in October that Alec Baldwin appeared in the role of the future president, mocking the debate along side Kate Mckinnon. For months, Trump would lash out at the show, taking to his Twitter account to rip into Baldwin and "Saturday Night Live" in the process. However, Trump has not spoken publicly about "SNL" since being sworn into office, though reports say he has privately expressed his frustration with how his administration has been portrayed.

Elaborating further on the issue was Baldwin who sat down for an exclusive interview with The Atlantic on April 18.

Nearly every Saturday night, Alec Baldwin gets into character and trolls Donald Trump over the current events that are hanging over the White House.

Due to the controversial nature of the administration since Inauguration Day, Baldwin and the writers at "Saturday Night Live" are never reaching for a good source of comedy. On his actual impression itself, Baldwin explains that he motions his lips like he's "trying to suck the wallpaper off the wall," while saying the end result is for them to look like a "puckering butthole."

Trump invitation

During his interview with The Atlantic, Alec Baldwin went on to invite Donald Trump to appear alongside him on the show, which he believes would end the comedy skit's shelf life.

"If he (Trump) was smart, he'd show up this week," Baldwin said, before noting, "It would probably be over. He could end it. If he showed up." As of press time, Trump has not responded to the apparent invitation, and it's unlikely that he will do so.

Pity party

While Alec Baldwin has been known to not only mock Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," but also express his personal political opposition to his agenda, the actor admits he kinda feels bad for the commander in chief. "I really feel sorry for him," Baldwin admits, before explaining, "He will have achieved the exact opposite of what he believed he was going to achieve when he set out to do this in the first place."