It's become commonplace for cable news panels to result in shouting matches especially when the topic involves President Donald Trump and his administration. After CNN brought back two of their most explosive commentators, it was only a matter of time before fireworks were shot off once again.

CNN explosion

From the day Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president back in June 2015, questions were quickly raised about the potential conflict of interest that he would bring to the White House. Due to Trump being a well-known billionaire, his candidacy and eventual election set a precedent for someone of that great of wealth to hold the office of commander in chief.

From early on, the former of "The Apprentice" deflected away from releasing his Tax returns, which has remained a hot topic ever since. Trump cited a current audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for why he hasn't made his financial information public, though the IRS has come forward to clarify that an audit doesn't prevent an individual from releasing their returns. As the issue currently stands, the president is still shielding his returns from the public, which was also noted by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer during a press briefing at the White House on Monday. These issues, and more, were discussed during a heated exchange on a April 18 panel discussion on CNN.

(Sanders' heated comments come at 8:20 in the above video.)

Joining CNN host Alisyn Camerota for Monday morning's edition of "New Day" was liberal contributor Symone Sanders and Donald Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord.

As they have in the past, both panelists got into a fiery exchange over Trump, which doubled down on their previous clash where Lord compared the president to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when it came to the issue of health care.

For the better part of 10 minutes, the two sparred over a variety of issues dealing with Donald Trump's alleged lack of transparency, whuich was on display when the White House announced that they would keep their visitor logs private.

After Jeffrey Lord appeared to push Symone Sanders too far, she snapped back. “You are a hypocrite!" Sanders said, repeating her remark on more than one occasion.

Double down

"This is extra hypocritical," Symone Sanders went on to say about Jeffrey Lord, before noting, "Apparently the rules that apply to the first black President of the United States do now not apply to the most unqualified president we’ve ever had." Sanders continued, calling on the billionaire real estate mogul to "release the tax returns" and "show me the visitor logs." Lord attempted to respond, going off on an incoherent rant about the alleged private conversations between House Democrats. As the Trump presidency continues to fuel speculation and controversy, it appears that it will reflect what occurs on cable news for the foreseeable future.