After two months in the White House, the scandal surrounding Russia is only getting worse for President Donald Trump and his administration. While Trump continues to deny any wrongdoing, top celebrity critics of the president are not backing away from voicing their criticism.

Trump's Twitter backlash

If there's one area of concern that Donald Trump will be forced to deal with it's over his alleged relationship with Russia. From the early days of his campaign for president, to his current role as commander in chief, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been linked to the Kremlin in more ways than one.

Since being sworn in to office last January, Trump has done his best to deflect from the issue, but reports continue to trickle out on an almost weekly basis linking him, or his associates, back to Russia. Whether it's his current Attorney General Jeff Sessions or former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn being exposed for communicating with Russian officials, or House Intel Chair Devin Nunes breaking protocol and giving the president information gathered during a committee investigation, Trump is starting to get backed into a corner. As seen across Twitter on March 28, Hollywood stars are not holding back their thoughts about the billionaire real estate mogul.

Actor Alec Baldwin, who plays the role of a satirical Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," took to Twitter on Tuesday to rip into the leader of the free world.

"Putin wanted to install a kleptocracy here so the US would be a mismanaged, corrupt, chaotic mess like Russia," Baldwin tweeted out. In a follow-up message on Twitter, Baldwin continued to attack Trump for his ties to Russia. "We need President who will build a wall around our electoral system 2 keep that KGB agent masquerading as a world leader out of our affairs," he wrote.

Moore unloads

One of Donald Trump's most vocal critics has been filmmaker Michael Moore, who joined in with Alec Baldwin in hammering home the opposition to the president.

"Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump," Moore tweeted. Moore sent out several additional tweets, highlighting Trump's recent decision to cut climate change regulation, while encouraging voters to contact their representatives to give their thoughts on the matter.

Takei talks

In addition to Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin, actor George Takei made sure to chime in on the issue on his social media account.

"Devin Nunes canceled all House Intel meetings on #RussiaGate," Takei wrote on Twitter , before adding, "Someone should tell Donald the strings on his puppet are not supposed to show." As celebrities use their popularity to expose Trump and his administration, it's appears as if it will take a lot of convincing from the White House to change their tune.