'13 Reasons Why' is the most over hyped Netflix show of the year and it has some serious issues. Hannah Baker, the main character is seriously flawed and just down right annoying. While the show does highlight important issues in society, certain characters do an awful job portraying these scenes. While the majority of the show is exaggerated there are some things that do occur in real life.

There is some truth

Besides the surface value, petty, teen troubles, "13 Reasons Why" does have some important themes. The show shines a light on the damage and grief of suicide, which is something that is important to be educated about.

Many scenes depict substance abuse and rape which are serious problems that people face on a daily basis. I think it was extremely essential to have the females that were effected by rape speak up, which shows that people who have been through something this horrible can reach out and seek the love and support they need. The show also shows the dangers of using alcohol or drugs as a coping method for the sadness that goes on in people's lives. Overall these points really did stand out and make the show impactful, but the main character Hannah Baker ruins its name.

Hannah Baker

First of all, who in their right mind gives a bunch of High School upperclassmen a series of tapes that list reasons why someone committed suicide?

Honestly, I find it sadistic and childish. It was also extremely unfair for Hannah to kill herself and not even have the decency to give her parents a reason. She just left them to sit and rot and wonder what they did so wrong. Hannah turned her death into a game and made innocent people play. She was never alone, which she claimed to always be.

Clay Jensen loved Hannah, he knew it, she knew it, I knew it, and you knew it. She basically made him sit through and listen to horrible things making him loose his mind wondering what he possibly could've done to kill this girl.

When Clay and Hannah finally had a moment, Hannah ended their make out session by screaming at him to get off of her.

On Clay's tape she says how "she wished he would've gone back." That isn't even remotely fair. She scared the poor kid off what was his first kiss ad she screamed at him to leave her alone. I can only imagine his embarrassment. Hannah had a way of turning everyone else's drama into her own which is why she was always left upset and offended. She claimed she was always abandoned but the only thing she did to stop this was sit alone in a coffee shop and feel bad for herself. She had a phone she could've called someone. Hannah felt personally attacked by anyone who didn't make time for her which is why she was such an unhappy person. People move on and find new friends she could've too.


Hannah was a rape victim which is an extremely horrendous thing to go through but she had people who would've supported her and talked to her. Besides the serious issues, everything else Hannah experienced was stupid High School drama that every person goes through. Hannah made other people feel responsible for her death which is a horrible thing to do. The only person that made this decision was Hannah and I don't think it's right to make tapes blaming thirteen people for the death when in reality there was only one person who was responsible for her death - Hannah herself.