"Deadpool 2" had a teaser before this weekend's "Logan" and it showed the same humor and R-rated fun that the original movie did. With that out of the way, fans know that a new "Deadpool" movie is coming although that teaser did nothing to spoil any of the surprises. One thing that isn't a surprise is that it will include the movie debut of X-Men member Cable. The Wrap reports that "Stranger Things" actor David Harbour is up for the role of the time-traveling mutant.

Cable and Deadpool

Fans of Deadpool were wanting to see him and Cable together since the first movie was announced.

What makes the two characters so popular as a duo is their odd couple presence. Deadpool is a wisecracking antihero who jokes nonstop while fighting crime. Cable is super serious, the mutant son of Cyclopse and Jean Grey from the future that happened in "X-Men: Days of Future Past." He has seen the worst fate that can happen to the world and has traveled back to try to stop it from happening in our time. His angry, serious attitude is a perfect conflict with Deadpool's lack of caring about anything.

Cable is important for the future of The X-Men

Recently, X-Men producers said that the franchise will move on from the relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto and the best way to do that is to just move into Cable's world.

Three announced X-Men spinoff movies that are coming are "Deadpool 2," "The New Mutants," and "X-Force." In the post-credits of "Deadpool," they announced that Cable was coming in the sequel. "The New Mutants" were teenagers that were training to be the next X-Men and it was in their comics that Cable formed X-Force.

Actors to play Cable

"Stranger Things" actor David Harbour hasn't been cast in the movie yet but FOX has screen tested him alongside Ryan Reynolds for "Deadpool 2." For fans who watched "Stranger Things," Harbour played Police Chief Jim Hopper. The site also says that Michael Shannon (Zod in "Man of Steel") was up for the role but had to pull out. Some fans have called for Stephen Lang ("Avatar") to play the role while Cable creator Rob Leifeld has requested that Russell Crowe play the role.