Anna Wintour and Franca Sozanni were close friends and colleagues who became editors of the prestigious journal "Vogue"“ in the same year. The two had nothing but support for each other ever since.

When Sozanni died in December last year, Wintour posted her emotional goodbye letter on In the letter, among many other things, Wintour pointed out that she was immensely pleased that they managed to maintain their relationship for three decades.

Shaffer and Carrozzini skilled at hiding from the public eye

The death of Franca Sozzani was indeed a great loss.

People from all around the world, especially those that have something to do with fashion, were deeply hurt by this loss. That is probably why the public was so happy to hear that Franca's son Francesco Carrozzoni and Anna's daughter Bee Shaffer are together and about to get married. Rumors that the two are a couple started last fall when Shaffer arrived on display of Carrozzini's documentary film about his late mother: "Franca: Chaos & Creation."

The news of their engagement delighted many fans of the popular magazine because it symbolizes a merger of two families that defined the fashion bible from 1988. However, they skillfully managed to keep their relationship hidden from the public. The couple was seen together at public events only a couple of times.

Different life paths

Although their mothers some of the most influential women in the fashion industry, Shaffer and Carrozzini did not want to follow in their footsteps. Shaffer is the producer of the show "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and Carrozzini is a director and photographer who has directed videos for Beyonce, A$AP Rocky and Nicki Minaj.

His only contact with fashion business was when he worked on the campaigns for fashion houses such as Roberto Cavalli, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Even though the public is still deprived of all other details of the wedding, we are sure it will be amazing and glamorous. Rumor has it that even Met Gala, New York’s most important fashion event of the year, will be having serious competition problems with this Vogue family wedding.

Numerous stars, luxury designer pieces and strict rules of dress under the supervision of the legendary editor Anna Wintour might easily be overshadowed. In any case, fashion lovers are surely in for a treat this year, for we are certain the wedding will be lavishly presented on the pages of the famous magazine.