The horror genre is currently undergoing a resurgence in the mediums of Film and television. 2016 was a landmark year for the genre with more hit titles than ever before. Not only have these films been highly successful commercially, but they have also received widespread critical acclaim. An upcoming Horror FilmThe Eyes” looks to carry on the success of these films with a chilling plot line

The government is watching

The Eyes," produced by Parade Deck films, is an upcoming horror thriller starring Nick Turturro, Vincent Pastore, Danny Flaherty, Megan West, Ana Isabella, Greg Davis Jr., Steven Hauck, and Carly Steel.

The film explores a seemingly authoritarian world where the government is spying on its citizens and collecting information about their crimes. We see in the trailer that six individuals have been rounded up in a room and are forced into a psychological experiment.

Each of the six individuals are being blamed for one crime or another, and are being forced to choose which one of them deserves to live. This means that five out of the six participants are doomed to die if we are to believe the premise. The participants are horrified by the events and must fight to stay alive against an overwhelming government force.

What to expect

The Eyes” is written by Robert T. Roe, and is directed by Robbie Bryan.

The cast of the film looks pretty solid with most actors having put in memorable performances across film and television in the recent past. The trailer also manages to intrigue the audience substantially, and provides a glimpse into the violence, mystery and madness we can expect from this flick.

This looks like the kind of movie that will play out in a single location with flashbacks used to provide exposition.

This kind of setting is perfect to build tension provided that the script is strong enough. The premise does sounds vaguely familiar, but is fresh enough to garner an audience. Hopefully this horror film won't play into pre-existing tropes, and will build on the success of the genre in the recent past. You can catch the intense trailer below.