The filmmaker Ridley Scott says that at least three movies will be released this year. Since his debut in 1977 with “The Duellists,” Ridley gradually built up his career. Previously, he was in the news for “Alien, “Blade Runner,” “Legend,” “Someone to Watch over Me, Black Rain,” and “Thelma and Louise.” It’s time to look forward to “Blade Runner 2049,” “Alien: Covenant,” and "Murder on the Orient Express.” Let’s check out why these films are anticipated.

‘Alien: Covenant’

A recent “Alien: Covenant” poster reveals that it has Brad Pitt, Alexander Siddig, Zac Efron, and Michael Fassbender.

Ridley confirms that Michael Fassbender plays David in this movie. The first trailer of this movie was out on Christmas Day. Dozens of trailers and posters of “Alien: Covenant” create excitement among fans. In 2015, Scott’s action comedy “The Martian” did excellent business. He says most of the scenes have been shot in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The Australian government provided $21 million in grants for this project.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’

Murder on the Orient Express” is one of the most anticipated Ridley Scott films. Johnny Depp and Judi Dench play the leading characters. According to Scott, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, and Michael Peña play the supporting roles in the thriller.

Previously, Angelina Jolie was offered the role of Harriet Hubbard, a glamorous working woman. Shooting for the movie is expected to begin in April, with locations in London, Malta, and New York City. 20th Century Fox confirms that the movie will be released in the last week of November.

‘Blade Runner 2049’

Sony Pictures Entertainment has recently shared a few posters on social media, creating excitement among fans.

Blade Runner 2049” is one of the most anticipated Hollywood movies. Producer Denis Villeneuve says Harrison Ford, Rick Deckard, Ryan Gosling, and Jared Leto have played the leading characters. Last month, Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman introduced the film during an official presentation to theater owners. A recent footage includes glimpses at Jared Leto’s character. Robin Wright also appears in the footage as a policeman. The movie will be released on October 6, 2017.