Fans of Bill and Brooke on "The Bold and the Beautiful," are in for a treat. B&B spoilers announced today, that the couple will be reunited. The lovers were at the altar only a few months ago, when their wedding was interrupted by Brooke's ex, Ridge Forester, Brooke had already been having doubts when R.J. her son with Ridge returned from boarding school The teen constantly told his parents he wanted them to reunite and they did. But two days ago, Brooke called off the wedding, 24 hours before it was to take place.

The obstacles in the way

B&B spoilers did not say if Brooke and Bill would make it down the aisle, only that they would get back together.

There are so many obstacles in the way, that fans will just have to take it one episode at a time. Bill had been insisting to Brooke that "Forester," was going to break her heart as he always did. Bill said he would wait patiently for Brooke to return to him. During the last few weeks, Ridge has been flirting with and kissing his father Eric's wife, Quinn. Brooke saw them kissing on the beach on the eve of her wedding, and called the wedding off. Brooke promised not to tell Eric that his wife was kissing his son, Then there is R.J,, Ridge and Brook's son who will be so hurt that his family unit will not be put back together. And of course, there is Brooke's sister Katy, who was married to Ridge and has a son with him.

Bill cheated on Katy for Brooke. All these family dynamics make for many obstacles.Even so, the spoiler alert has fans buzzing.

Marriage in the air

Marriage is in the air on B&B. A few months back Brooke left Bill at the altar. Zende and Nicole are newlyweds. Liam and Stephy just got married. Brooke and Ridge were supposed to be having a wedding.

Now with the news that Brooke and Dollar Spencer will reunite, naturally fans want to see them make it to the altar, yet again. The writers will no doubt eventually allow these two fan favorites to wed, How long they will endure wedded bliss, no one knows. For the time being, those who enjoy "The Bold and the Beautiful" will just have to sit tight.