Despite providing not once shred of evidence to back up his claim, Donald Trump is sticking to his story that Barack Obama wiretapped is office in Trump Tower. While the overwhelming majority of the news media and respected journalists dismiss Trump's allegations, some in the right-wing media are standing by the president.

Tomi on Trump

As part of his defense against recent reports revealing that members of his administration were engaging in communication with Russian officials, President Donald Trump did his best to shift the narrative and place the blame on the Democratic Party.

On Friday, the former host of "The Apprentice" spent time on his Twitter account, and called for separate investigations into both Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Trump attached pictures of the two Democratic leaders spending time with Russian officials, though those interactions were already well-documented. After then putting the blame on Obama, claiming the former president wiretapped Trump Tower, backlash and disbelief quickly followed. Though must have called Trump's allegations dangerous and dishonest, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren expressed her support during the March 6 edition of "Final Thoughts" on the Blaze TV.

"It's no secret that the mainstream media pisses me off, but after this weekend of madness over wiretaps, Russians, and FISA requests, I am more disappointed than angry," Tomi Lahren said, before stating that she doesn't know who to trust anymore.

"Did the Obama administration really wiretap Trump Tower?" Lahren rhetorically asked, before answering, "I don't know, we may never know." "The mainstream media never really did their job during the Obama administration," she noted, before pushing questionable information about how Obama handled the media during his time in office.

"The mainstream media has dedicated itself to discrediting, degrading, and delegitimizing Donald Trump for at least a year, if not more," Tomi Lahren continued.

"They have gone out of their way to sink an administration before its even had a chance to get to work," she continued, while adding, "President Trump has still done more for this country in the last 40 days than Barack Obama did in eight years."

Tomi closes

Tomi Lahren described the media as "liberals described as journalists" who are "scared" of a potential Donald Trump re-election. In conclusion, Lahren gave Trump a pass for his wiretapping allegation, while blaming the media for pushing their own alleged conspiracies on the American people.