In recent weeks, Donald Trump has been dealing with constant controversy surrounding his administration. With the pressure mounting, some are questioning if he is in the right state of mind to be running the country.

Fox News on Trump

When Donald Trump was elected president back in November, many wondered how he would handle the job as commander in chief. In the four months since Trump's election, and six weeks since Inauguration Day, there's been growing drama surrounding the White House that the president hasn't been able to shake. The latest issue facing the billionaire real estate mogul has been growing allegations of a scandal involving himself, his advisers, and the Russian government.

In an attempt to deflect from the matters at hand, Trump took to his Twitter account over the weekend and accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. No evidence has been presented to back up his claims, with the former president deny any wrongdoing in a statement released last Saturday. On the March 6 edition of "The Five" on Fox News, co-host Bob Beckel didn't hold back his thoughts on the president.

When the issue of the aforementioned allegation of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower was brought up, Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld tried to give a pass to Donald Trump, saying he was just blowing off steam on social media. Bob Beckel, however, was not convinced and went off on Trump, while issuing a warning of his own.

"This guy is now, almost to the point, and I have a very strong suggestion as an American, I think that he ought not have control of the nuclear codes," Bob Beckel said.

Not stopping there Beckel continued his criticism of Donald Trump, saying, "this guy is starting to lose it."

Trump claims

Despite Donald Trump tweeting out a serious allegation against Barack Obama, not credible proof has been presented by the White House.

Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn't do the president any favors over the last 24 hours, as both gave the run around when pressed further on the issue. Currently, the allegations are baseless,, despite getting a lot of play in the right-wing news media.