If you vowed to make 2017 the year for winning your weight loss wars, you know that the Internet is overflowing with advice from those who have lost weight themselves. Musician Ed Sheeran, for example, credits just giving up beer and boosting his fitness for achieving his 50-pound weight loss. But what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others. When it comes to shedding pounds safely and successfully, consider turning to the experts to get their tips on diets.

Boost weight loss by boosting water intake

Keri Glassman, R.D., told Today that drinking more water can make a big difference in weight loss.

But it doesn't have to be just plain water. Other options include green or herbal tea.

"All of the best plans, followed properly, will include hydrating with lots of H2O, no or moderate alcohol intake, and herbal and/or green tea," advised Glassman.

Just say 'no' to sugar and calorie-counting

When it comes to diets, steer clear of foods that contain added sugar. That means everything from candy and soda to cereals and dried fruits. In addition, Glassman recommends kicking the calorie-counting habit. When it comes to weight loss, she points out that it's the quality of the food rather than the quantity of calories that's essential.

"Calories are not created equal," summed up Glassman, and adding that "the 100 calories of jelly beans you eat are not the same as the 100 calories of apple slices and natural peanut butter."

Eat like the Los Angeles Lakers

Regardless of whether you're an athlete, eating like the Los Angeles Lakers just might help your nutrition.

The Lakers chose Dr. Cate Shanahan, a nutrition expert, to help them improve their diets. And in an interview for the Lakers, the physician pointed out that certain key guidelines apply to everyone.

"No matter what your present condition is, no matter how many extra pounds you may have put on, try your best to remind yourself that your body is happiest when you're as active as possible in mind, body, and spirit," recommended Dr.


Beware of vegetable oils

Author of "Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food," Dr. Shanahan revealed in an exclusive interview with me for Blasting News that 25 to 45 percent "of your daily calories probably comes from vegetable oils like canola and soy." However, Dr. Shanahan cautioned that those oils are "contaminated with toxins that make you feel tired between meals and drive you to snack to give your brain energy." Consequently, by eliminating them from your diet, "you won’t feel hungry all the time," Dr.

Shanahan explained.

Surprising foods to boost weight loss

Dr. Shanahan also revealed three unexpected foods that actually can boost weight loss: eggs, cream, and cheese. These high fat, low carb foods "help your body burn its own fat," clarified Dr. Shanahan, who also cautioned against just adding additional food to your current diet.

"The idea behind eating foods that help you burn body fat is that you will actually be able to go for a longer time without eating because you will be burning your stored body fat," shared Dr. Shanahan.

Sample diet day

A sample day on Dr. Shanahan's own diet follows:

Breakfast: Fresh, whole milk 1.5 c, plus 1/4 cup cream in cold brewed coffee.

Dinner: 8 oz steak, cooked rare, with beef bone stock gravy, a huge salad, Brazil nuts, pecans, and an orange.

Dessert: 2 oz dark chocolate, plus a 1/2 bottle GT Dave Kombuccha, with 1/2 oz white wine in it.

She usually does not eat lunch.