The first season of "This Is Us" comes to an end on Tuesday, March 14. The finale has been advertised to show a painful scene that has never been seen on television before. Fans are wondering what that could be. During last week's episode, new developments happened but nothing that would lead viewers to think the continuation of those stories would be painful.

Last week's episode

At the end of last week's episode, Randall abruptly quit his job while wearing his dead father's hat. He has to tell his wife in the upcoming episode. While that will be an interesting conversation, it won't make viewers cry.

Ron Howard, who played himself, heard about the success of Kevin's play and wants him to go to Hollywood to star in a movie. That's what Kevin has wanted all season, so that's not the expected painful segment, either. Toby and Kate are still having discussions about getting married. Even though their discussions are deep, viewers won't end up crying over their wedding plans.

Based on interviews with the cast and writers, the painful scene will probably be about the cause of Jack's death. This is not a spoiler because viewers know that Jack has already died, but they don't know how he died. Jack is still frequently seen through flashbacks. Once Kate mentioned that she feels guilty about causing her father's death.

So, the sad part of the story more than likely is something related to the cause of Jack's death.

First season finale

The 17 million viewers who have watched the series from the very beginning will again see many of the same scenes through flashbacks that they have seen before. They will see how lives were changed the day the triplets were born, including the life of the fireman who took the baby to the hospital.

The finale is going to show how human life is interconnected, and how one small act affected those close to the situation, not just in the moment, but for many years, as it did for the Pearson family 36 years later.

Watch the first season finale of "This Is Us" on NBC on Tuesday, March 14 at 9 p.m. It is a powerful and emotional episode that even the cast members said was a tearjerker for them.