"This Is Us" that aired on Tuesday, March 7 was centered around William's memorial service. William left a note for his two young grandchildren to plan his service because he knew they would not make it sad, and they didn't. Instead of having a eulogy and the other things seen at traditional funerals, Tess and Annie made it fun. In fact, Randall called it a "FUN-eral" instead of a funeral.

The two grandchildren planned it so members of William's family could experience a day like William used to have. They started with breakfast where they ate William's favorite foods and took pills.

Instead of pills though, the family ate candy and pretended the candy was William's pills. Then the girls gave everyone a hat to wear because William loved wearing hats. Randall was given his father's favorite hat to wear. Viewers found this to be one of the most touching moments of this week's episode.

Significance of the dead man's hat

All members of the family walked down the street wearing hats. At the end of their walk, family members went their separate ways. To his wife's surprise, Randall went to work. When he arrived, he entered the boardroom where a meeting was in progress. His boss and co-workers thought he had come to work. Randall exhibited more boldness than ever before as he waved William's hat in his hands as he talked.

Randall quits his job

Randall rebukes his boss and co-workers for not being more considerate after the death of his father. First, he tells them that they lacked passion and understanding when they sent him a box of pears with a sympathy card that had a one-line pre-printed Hallmark inscription that simply said, "From the team."

Randall let the team know he was offended because they knew he was allergic to pears because on his first day on the job, he ate pears in a salad that almost killed him.

Randall reminded the team that he had worked long and hard on the job and was responsible for building up the company. He summed it up by saying, "I came, I saw, I conquered." Then with the power from William's hat that was still in his hands, he said, "I quit."

When one in the group asked Randall what he was going to do, he said he didn't know but perhaps instead of running every morning, he would start his day by walking and talking to his mailman like his late father did.

Then he put on William's hat and walked out the door.

Do you think the hat had a lot to do with Randall quitting his job? Do you think he is taking on some characteristics of his late father? What do you think Beth is going to say when Randall tells her he has quit his job? Watch the season's finale on Tuesday, March 14 and see what happens.