Rick Grimes and the citizens of the Alexandria Safe Zone have sparse supplies these days on "The Walking Dead." Rick, who currently has a bare supply cupboard, more often than not has exposed his group to an incredible amount of danger in the current season just so they can all exist day to day, week to week.

The zombie apocalypse is bad enough, but to find groups like the Sanctuary, run by Negan, is a sharp and real devolution of society. It's shocking how quickly after the fall of civilized society these types of organized camps began an alternate form of society based on power and submission.

The free exchange of commodities is growing more and more uncommon as production of many goods and medicines have simply ceased altogether.

Satisfying two masters, Jadis and Negan

Grimes must find the time and resources now to satisfy both Negan and Jadis, two unflinching characters that test Rick and his ability to keep his sanity and life in check. Negan wants everything Rick has to offer, essentially, whatever is left to be found out in the world that hasn't already been scavenged or used up completely. Negan, in that sense, may be an easier master to satisfy in the short term.

Jadis wants weapons, which Rick and Michonne proved they could find, given enough time and guts to maneuver the dangerous situations out on the wild.

After coming up with over 60 weapons, and a standing order for at least that many more, Rick will need to think up a strategy that places him in a location where retrievable weapons are likely to be located. The goals and risks that Rick faces satisfying Jadis right now are perhaps more difficult and dangerous but if the former officer of the law can come through with his end of the bargain he may just have the army he needs to fight Negan at his disposal with The Heapsters.

Richonne is happening and it's a real thing

Whatever your initial reaction was to Rick and Michonne becoming an item, it's easy to see now just how dependent they have become on one another. When Rick almost died recently Michonne shut down almost instantly and barely escaped the moment with her own life. This is bad for Michonne, who seemed to get over the death of loved ones much easier when she could walk them around as pets, and is now weakened by her love for Rick.

Richonne is, for now, here to stay but should there ever be a moment in time when one half of the power couple loses their battle for survival it's hard to say the moment will be recoverable for the survivor.

Rick is gearing up for a major war

Let's be real here, we all feel the impending chaos that is about to hit "The Walking Dead" universe. The upcoming war is going to be bigger than anything we've witnessed so far on the show. Stripped bare of worldly possessions and past loved ones, Rick is in future mode with nothing for tomorrow except what he carries with him today. When it comes time for the oppressed citizens of the zombie apocalypse to rise up against Negan and all that he holds as powerful and true it will be a truly brand new day on earth.

With a clean slate, and the opportunity to rebuild, Rick and his ragtag crew of associates just might stand a chance of surviving the apocalypse with enough grace to come out the other side and smell the flowers, or perhaps, just for a moment, look at them without fearing death.