According to a recent article from the folks, NBC did, indeed, announce that they have renewed their crazy, popular new drama, "This Is Us," for not just a 2nd season, but a 3rd season as well! The announcement took place during the Television Critics Association Winter press tour last month. Along with that intel, they also revealed a couple of season 2 spoiler hints that they gathered up from various sources. It turns out that we're going to get more of Jack's deadly backstory get dragged out. We'll see more manipulation with the timeline, take place as well as some origin stories with some of the couples, and more.

It's just keeps going and going, and going

To start off their little spoiler teaser session, they talked about some comments that the producer, Dan Fogelman, had to say in regards to Jack's deadly storyline, telling us that the real story of how he died, will not play out for a while, so season 2 is set to show us more unpacking of his catastrophic event. In other words, they're just going to keep going and going with this thing. He didn't say anymore about it, so we don't even know if season 2 will actually give the answer to that burning question yet.

Keeping characters involved

Next, they revealed what Fogelman had to say about the timeline manipulation. He revealed that they're expanding the rules to allow for characters to meet on a plane that is not reality, which will ensure that characters who are supposed to be dead in the main timeline, will continue to be able to show up on the show.

In other words, they're keeping these actors employed. This means that William is confirmed to be coming back. His portrayer, Ron Cephas Jones, confirmed that to Entertainment Weekly.

More Beth backstory

In this section, we get into these possible, couple origin stories. Actress, Susan Kelechi Watson aka Beth, has said that more of her backstory is going to get revealed.

We might also see how Rebecca and Jack's best friend, Miquel became a couple. There have also been some request to see the origins of Beth and Randall's relationship.

Possible Ricky return

After that, they talked about Ricky, because the executive producer and director, Glenn Ficarra, has gone on record, saying that he'd like to present an episode that featured more of Ricky and his close friendship with William at some point, maybe possibly throw in a musical collaboration or a present-day scene where Ricky visits Randall to give him more information about William.

Alright, guys. That's all we've got for now, but definitely stay tuned, because I'm sure we'll be seeing more interview articles with the producers after tonight's season 1 finale. With those interviews, are sure to come more season 2 spoiler teasers!