Prince Harry has been dating actress Meghan Markle since last July. Even though they live about 3,483 miles apart, they have managed to see each other numerous times since their first date. They have taken several romantic vacations together. Meghan has spent most of this year with Harry in England. Her hit drama, "Suits" isn't filming until April. That has freed her up to be with him a lot this year.

Meeting Queen Elizabeth

There have been signs along the way that the couple's relationship is growing. Last month, Meghan was Harry's guest at his best friend's wedding in Jamaica.

Last Sunday night, the two of them had what was described as the most romantic date in London when they had a private tour of the Natural History Museum.

Prince Harry will introduce Meghan to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II of England in just a couple of days. Not only is meeting the queen an indication that Harry is really serious about Meghan, but it is also an indication that the queen must think it is special since she is stretching out her proverbial royal scepter. It is extra nice that the meeting is taking place on Mother's Day, Sunday, March 26, 2017. That's when Mother's Day is celebrated in Britain instead of on the second Sunday in May as it is observed in the United States. Meghan will meet Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace during a brunch given to honor all mothers of the royal family.

Other family members

The actress has already met other members of the royal family. She has met all four royals in line to the throne that come before her boyfriend who is fifth. She met Harry's father, Prince Charles, his brother, Prince William, his nephew, Prince George and his niece, Princess Charlotte. She has also met Prince William's wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

They all have given their stamp of approval concerning Meghan.

Prince Harry is really excited about Queen Elizabeth agreeing to meet Meghan. His grandmother has heard about his girlfriend and is very impressed with the humanitarian work the actress does. It has been reported that the Queen said she has never seen her grandson so happy.