When the warrior Michonne made her second season entrance during the episode, "Beside The Dying Fire," a new philosophical mindset came to be known in "The Walking Dead" universe. One of the original season two survivors, now five years down the line, Michonne survived her initial experience with Negan and bonded with Rick in a way that challenged both their mental capacities and morale fitness.

Of tragedy, destiny and community

We know that Michonne, in her current warrior form, was born of the very tragedy that ripped apart the very fabric of society and led directly to the downfall of mankind, reason and government.

This devolution into the apocalypse, the destruction of the former destinies of the citizens of the world and their communities, can be seen in many ways, and most would put it squarely into the tragic category of catastrophic deconstruction of the universe. As we saw with Joe and his gang of The Claimers, however, it can also, from a certain point of view, be seen as a realignment of the universe.

Alexandria in turmoil and distress

Under the brutal control of Negan, Alexandria has turned from a safe zone to a death zone, with blood running red in the streets now a common occurrence. One thing is certain, if Alexandria is to once again return to being a home, a safe village where children can grown up and food can be grown, the turmoil that the survivors have been facing must be extinguished with extreme fury.

Of course another obvious answer that many fans keep wondering is why the group decides to stay put when escape might be their best option? Why not see what things are like further north? There's an opportunity soon for the "Walking Dead" TV show to separate itself from the comic book story and the time is ripe at the moment to make that departure.

Outliving her lovers one by one?

One question that has proposed itself now that Richonne, the shipping of Rick and Michonne as lovers, has moved from online forums to our TV sets, is how will either of the power couple handle losing their partner? Will Rick begin to hear telephones ring and have imaginary conversations with Michonne?

Will he see her in the distance with walker hordes as they roam about the land? The biggest question, perhaps, is will Michonne take Rick Grimes as a pet and walk him around on a leash for her own protection like she did her previous lover?