Fans are still left heartbroken with the death of Stefan (Paul Wesley) in the finale episode of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 8. However, in an interview with the television series’ showrunner Julie Plec, she revealed that she along with the co-creator Kevin Williamson created a more heartbreaking ending years ago. The two already had an idea of how to end “TVD” during the show’s second season. But, it all had to change when Nina Dobrev left the supernatural drama.

The heartbreaking finale

To recall, Stefan sacrificed himself for the sake of everyone's happiness.

Aside from taking down Katherine (Nina Dobrev), he also saved Mystic Falls and gave Damon (Ian Somerhalder) the life he wanted with Elena (Nina Dobrev). The two are now enjoying a long, happy human life, thanks to the Cure from his younger sibling’s own bloodstream.

What’s even more heart-wrenching? The time when Caroline (Candice King) called Stefan before his death, she told him that she understood every reason why he has to do that and still has her support, even if it meant that they would be apart forever.

The original ending

Plec and Williams' original ending would have featured both Stefan and Damon sacrificing themselves for Elena’s happiness. The role of Dobrev wanted to have a long, human life that she could cherish, thus the two wanted to give her character that.

The television producer told Entertainment Weekly that back in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 2, they thought that when the show was to come to an end, both brothers would die saving the love of their lives. And although they’re gone, they would still be watching over her.

Elena might be marrying Matt (Zach Roerig) or might become a doctor, but no matter what she does, Stefan and Damon would still be by her side.

However, things changed when Dobrev left the show.

"In that moment, to me, the show ceased to be about a love triangle and became a show about the power of these brothers and their love for each other,” Plec explained. “And so there was no way in hell I was killing both of them and leaving neither of them with the happy ending."