The Vampire Diaries season 8 premieres this fall on The CW network. Nina Dobrev will return before the show airs its final episode, but that doesn't mean it will be this season if the showis renewed. If this season is truly the last, then fans will see the actress come back, but will it be as Elena Gilbert? Some fans are speculating that Dobrev could return as someone or something else.

There may be another season of 'TVD'

Ever since it was confirmed that Nina Dobrev would return before The Vampire Diaries ends, many assumed that would be in season 8.

The rumors began when there was a misunderstanding stemming from Ian Somerhalder's statement. Soon after the rumors went viral, the actor clarified things on Twitter. However, some still believe that TVD is ending this season.

Due to Dobrev's anticipated return and Somerhalder's statement, many are assuming that the actress is coming back in season 8. However, Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW network made it clear that no decision has been made yet. That's right, if viewership is decent and the main cast members want to continue, the show may go on to have another season.

If season 8 is the last, how will Nina Dobrev return? There are three main theories and one of them may surprise fans.

Elena Gilbert wakes up

The main theory regarding Dobrev's return to The Vampire Diaries is Elena Gilbert waking up. As fans know, the character is in a long slumber and if she wakes up, then that means Bonnie Bennett is dead. It was confirmed by Kat Graham that she is leaving the show, so that is a possibility.

Katherine returns to 'The Vampire Diaries'

In past seasons, Nina Dobrev played both Elena and Katherine, a woman from Stefan and Damon Salvatore's past. Katherine's personality was quite different from Elena's, but it explained why Paul Wesley's character was so taken with Elena when TVD first began. A look at Katherine's past with the Salvatore brothers also had fans connecting the dots regarding some of Damon's statements about Stefan's feelings for Elena.

If Dobrev returns as Katherine, what does this mean for Elena? How will she deal with Damon and Enzo's predicament? Just how much damage will she cause this time?

Nina Dobrev to play a villain?

The third theory regarding Nina Dobrev's return has to do with the creature that took everything good from Damon and Enzo. There is little information about the monster. However, it is a villain unlike anything fans have seen before.

Recently, it was announced that a new character named Sybil will appear in the season 8 premiere. The actor has not been revealed, but the character shares similar traits to the creature inside the Armory. Since it was Elena's voice that Damon heard, some believe that Dobrev could be Sybil.

Do you believe season 8 will be the final one for The Vampire Diaries? If so, how will Nina Dobrev return?