Innocent women and children get caught in the web of Human Trafficking due to circumstances beyond their control and those who take advantage of them have converted it into a multimillion dollar business. They are cconsidered the scum of society.

stopping traffic’ is a new documentary on this sensitive issue of human trafficking and it will premiere at the Global Cinema Film Festival in the Boston suburb of Belmont on March 11 as reported in ABCNews. The film is financed through online donations and made by a woman who is herself a survivor of child abuse.

She is Sadhvi Siddhali Shree (33), a Jain monk who became a monk in 2008 after having served as an army medic during the Iraq War. She is also the spiritual director at the Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat Center and Ashram in Windom, Texas.

Donald Trump is keen to weed out the menace

President Donald Trump wants to combat the menace of human trafficking and has promised to use all the means available at his disposal to remove the evil. The departments of Justice and Homeland Security will be involved in the process.

Sadhvi Siddhali Shree is all praises for the President because he has placed an emphasis to root out this evil so early in his tenure but, she goes on to emphasize that mere words would not suffice unless they are backed up by action in the form of resources, legislation and law enforcement.

Rosi Orozco, an anti-trafficking activist in Mexico City, is featured in ‘Stopping Traffic.’ He has revealed that countries like Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, and Ireland have enacted laws that mete out severe punishment for pimps, traffickers, and clients, rather than the prostitutes. Sadhvi has appreciated the efforts of President Trump and remarked that action against human trafficking could unite U.S.

and Mexico in the long run.

Magnitude of the problem

As per estimates of a 2014 report of the International Labour Organization, nearly 21 million people were victims of human trafficking all over the world.

The captors made roughly $150 billion and the breakup is $100 billion from commercial sexual exploitation and the balance of $50 billion comes from various forms of forced labor. The victims of trafficking are not only women but include young men and boys too.

Let us hope that the film ‘Stopping Traffic’ will play an important role in weeding out this evil from society.