If you want to lose weight and need help, Al Roker is the diet answer man. The NBC weatherman shaved off 190 pounds from an obese 350 pounds. But he struggled with yo-yo weight gain after some personal trauma. And that human factor makes the "Today Show" host's diet tips all the more creditable. Roker is back on the "Today Show" taking over for suspended Billy Bush. And his amazing vitality proves he meant what he said in "Never Goin' Back." Use Roker's diet secrets to kick start your weight loss.

Al Roker on the rebound

A few years ago, the 350-lb "Weather Channel" anchor made a vow to his ill and dying dad to lose weight.

Obesity, he said ends here. And it did--after gastric bypasssurgery Roker dropped 100 pounds and then another 90 to a lean 160 pounds. But that wasn't the last Al would hear from weight gain. A few years later, 50 of those pounds had returned bumping him up to an obese BMI (body mass index). Factoring height and weight, a BMI over 25 is overweight and over 30 is obese.

Returned but "Never Goin' Back"

So gaining back some weight after extreme loss is common and almost inevitable. Folks who admit to regaining weight are more helpful than those who brag that they never struggled again. Problems don't go away and neither do cravings, food addiction and old habits. However when you have already lost weight, you know how it works.

As the weight crept back, Roker knew what he had to do. In his book "Never Goin' Back" he describes jumpstarting weight loss, starting with a fasting cleanse. This elimination diet cuts out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and gluten. This alone shed Al 28 pounds in 28 days.

Al Roker's 3-prong diet

After the cleanse stage, Roker ramped to a whole foods, ketogenic diet of high protein, low carb sources.

His meals include salads and fruit smoothies, lean meats, legumes and vegetables.He nixed processed and junk food too. Counting calories and points systems like Weight Watchers are too complicated so Al just does basic portion control and simple meals. He identifies triggers and minds his weaknesses (like holiday overindulgence and restaurants). SlowBurn Method exercise is his last prong, based on "Slow Burn Fitness Revolution" by Melissa Li.