Susan Lucci is set to sell off many of the things in her house as she partners with "Everything But the House," which is a website made to help people declutter and make money. You call for a consultation and talk about what it is you want to sell. Then, your items get posted on their websites, and the bidding starts at $1. The bidding ends after seven days, and they control the payment and shipment of the item. When you get your check, it is almost 3-5 times higher than if you had a yard sale.

Why is Susan Lucci doing this?

Susan Lucci, the 70-year old actress who got her start on the 1970s soap operaAll My Children,” is participating with Everything But the House and will give a portion of the proceedings to the United Cerebral Palsy of New York.

Lucci said that she was participating in this is so she can lighten her house. She goes on to say that she hasn’t really been in her house for almost six years. Some of the items that will be up for bids are the gowns, hats, purses and shoes that she has worn to the Emmy’s the 19 times that she was nominated. She will also be selling some things she was wearing when she met with some extremely famous people such as Sophia Loren, Prince Phillip, and even the Rat Pack. Also included will be china, furniture, and some other personal items.

Her hard-won Emmy isn’t going

Susan Lucci said that her most prized possession, her Emmy, will not be given up, but will stay front and center on her mantel. She won the Emmy after 18 nominations for her role as Erica Kane in “All My Children.” She said she would be giving a portion of the money to UCP of NY because of her grandson, Brendon, who is 8-years old, has cerebral palsy.

She actually didn’t know much about the disorder before he was diagnosed, even though she was honored by UCP of NY a few years earlier. She found out, through UCP, that there is a spectrum for cerebral palsy and that her grandson was on the lighter side of that spectrum.

All in all, Susan Lucci is selling off her clothes on Everything But the House’s website until March 10th, and half of the proceeds will be going to support the UCP of NY.