A recent report from Empire magazine stated that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger would not be returning as host of "Celebrity Apprentice" and has terminated his ties with the show. Arnold cited involvement of President Donald Trump as the reason. Arnold took over the duties of hosting the show back in September 2015 following the departure of Trump who hosted from 2008-14. Trump, however, stayed on as an executive producer of the show.

Arnold On Trump's Involvement

In their statement, Arnold and the former California governor have said that this decision has nothing to do with the show rather the people who informed the actor that they wouldn't watch the show because of Donald.

Schwarzenegger also said that the show was going through a divisive period and was caught up in it.

Schwarzenegger said,"I learned a lot, had a great time with NBC, Mark Burnett and everyone involved with the show. It was a good opportunity and would love to work with all of them again. But given the current baggage, it is accompanied with, I won't do it again"

"All the people I met would say "I love the show...but Trumps involvement made me turn it off."

"With Trump's involvement in the show, people are disinterested and do not wish to participate and support the show as a sponsor, a spectator or any other way. It's tough phase and the show has got choked. I will decline even if I am asked to do the show again." said Schwarzenegger.

Trump And Arnold At National Prayer Breakfast

A month ago, at the National Prayer Breakfast, the President asked the attendees to pray for the show and Arnold as the ratings dipped after his dismal performance as the host of the show. Quick to respond, Arnold, took to social media and in a video suggested that they switch jobs.

This statement seems to have gone well with many and one-third of Americans have asked Schwarzenegger to switch roles with Donald Trump.

"The New Celebrity Apprentice" show wrapped up last month after crowning the host of "American Ninja Warrior" Matt Iseman as the winner.