Whether you're a die-hard "Survivor" fan or hopping on the bandwagon a wee late, Season 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers will have enough going on to spark the interest of just about any viewer. Old and new fans alike will have to wait three months for this newest season to be released on September 27, 2017. But if you're anything me, that tiny teaser played during the season 34 finale of Survivor: Game Changers only spiked your interest to new fan-levels. So, here's a preview of what each tribe brings to the table and an introduction to three new players.

Player preview

Each group has a perceived trait that they're known for and "heroes" evokes images of hunky firefighters and daring lifeguards. #Heroes tribe member, Ben Driebergen, falls perfectly in line with this tough-exterior, heart-of-gold picture. Having served as a Marine, Driebergen is no stranger to heroism and daily invests these values as a warehouse worker in Idaho raising two children.

The #Hustlers group echoes strong Brawn Tribe vibes but hums to a slightly different tune. Just as brave as the heroes, this team of people puts their nose to the grind and keeps it there for as long as it takes to keep the job done. Ali Elliott is one such hustler who we are soon to meet. As a personal trainer, Elliot works hard like she breathes air -- and as a self-proclaimed super fan, there seems to be nothing in the game that this player isn't prepared for.

The #Healers tribe is perhaps the most unique of the three. Players in this group take a gentle approach in their life philosophy garnered around saving the world by making it better. Plus, with recent seasons doing a terrible number on the health of the players, this tribe would seem to have themselves covered. Mike Zahalsky is the healer's tribe doctor who may have an advantage purely by his occupation.

In three months, we'll have to see how much these players choose to divulge their careers or strategically hide them. With the theme being what is it, they may not have a choice.

Third time's the charm?

With the theme of Survivor being as unique as it is, attentive fans may wonder why #Fiji has been chosen as the location for the third time in a row.

At this point, any explanation is only speculation. With #Survivor being as long-running as it is, season-by-season island hopping may just be too straining financially and physically for the cast, crew, and network (not to mention for Jeff Probst, that lucky man). Whether Fiji is just a temporary spot to settle or perhaps will become the more permanent home for the series is hard to say. At least for the contestants, the torrential downpours of freezing rain seem to be somewhat minimized in Fiji -- knock on wood.