While he wasn't really the first choice in fan casting to play Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin Of Crime in the Netflix series "Daredevil," Vincent D'Onofrio was one of the highlights of the excellent television adaptation. Now, if D'Onfrio gets his way, he could be the first to cross from Netflix to the big screen with his character.

In a Twiter Q&A, D'Onfrio said that he would love to play Kingpin in the new "Spider-Man" movies for Marvel and asked for people to make it happen.

Netflix vs. Marvel Movies

It would take a lot for that crossover to happen.

The main difference between Marvel movies and Marvel on Netflix is the scope of the heroes. The heroes on Netflix are street level characters while the actors in the movies are all more global fighting characters.

Netflix has Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and The Punisher. Rumored to come later are characters like Moon Knight, once again gritty street level fighters. Mixing them with Marvel characters like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and even Doctor Strange, seems off.

The Spider-Man connection

Now, if there is one character that can help this crossover work, it might be Spider-Man. Of course, Spider-Man is way too popular to be anything but a Marvel movie's star. But, at the core of his character, Spider-Man is a street level hero, no different than Daredevil.

There is also the fact that The Kingpin is a huge villain in both the worlds of Spider-Man and Daredevil. He appeared in Spider-Man first and caused the Web Crawler a lot of grief before crossing over into some of the most iconic storylines in Daredevil history. This is a place where the two worlds could cross.

The Kingpin of Crime

What makes The Kingpin such an interesting villain for Spider-Man is how big he is. Wilson Fisk is untouchable and is one of the few villains that never had to pay for his crimes in the comics - and even when he did, he did it in luxury.

Spider-Man can't touch him, and Daredevil can't touch him. He is a perfect adversary for Daredevil.

For Spider-Man, Kingpin is different. He is someone who sends supervillains out into the world to make Spidey's life hell. Of course, Green Goblin was a replacement in the movies, and Mr. Big was the replacement on the cartoons, but there will always be a place in Spider-Man's life for Wilson Fisk. Whether Marvel wants to bring the Kingpin to the movie world is another story.