There was a lot that went wrong with the most recent "Fantastic Four" movie from FOX. While the first two films in the franchise were considered goofy and silly, the most recent reboot was found to be too dark and ended up on many critics' most hated list for the 2015 movie year. Now, cast member Toby Kebbell has spoken out and said that he wouldn't return as Doctor Doom even if FOX follows through with a sequel like they have hinted at.

The problems with 'Fantastic Four.'

The biggest problem with the reboot of the "Fantastic Four" is that FOX really wanted to make it dark and gritty, something the "First Family of Marvel" has never been.

The fun sci-fi action from the Marvel Comics was replaced with the real-world problems of the Ultimate Universe. That is even where they changed the origin of the team. However, it was the changes to Doctor Doom himself that angered actor Toby Kebbell and has him unwilling to return to the role if FOX wants to continue with the same "Fantastic Four" cast like they mentioned last week.

Changes to Doctor Doom

Toby Kebbell did an interview with HeyUGuys and told them that he wasn't interested in reprising the role from "Fantastic Four." What was interesting was that Kebbell was very much a fan of Doctor Doom from the comics. He even said that Doctor Doom is an incredible bad guy who can stand up to Thor and Iron Man.

He then stated that his character in the 2015 movie was not that fantastic character. Much like Hugh Jackman, Kebbell said that he is finished with the role unless one very important thing happens.

Toby Kebbell wants Marvel to take Fantastic Four back

Hugh Jackman loved playing Wolverine for so many years and had no problem with FOX.

However, he felt it was time to hang it up and said the only thing that could bring him back was if Wolverine joined The Avengers, which would mean FOX and Marvel are working together. Spider-Man has already gone back to Marvel, and Toby Kebbell said that Marvel making a "Fantastic Four" movie would bring him back to the role of Doctor Doom because he believes they could do it right.