cameran eubanks and her husband, jason wimberly, appear to live a squeaky-clean lifestyle. In addition to the reality star doing her best to stay out of the drama on "Southern Charm," her husband, a doctor in Charleston, South Carolina, has stayed off camera completely. That said, the adorable couple has just found themselves in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While not much is known about Wimberly, aside from his job, fans are now learning that, like a lot of reality stars, Wimberly isn't quite as perfect as he seems. On March 7, Radar Online shared a report with readers in which it was revealed that Wimberly was arrested for DUI at a drive-thru in 2012 after reportedly refusing a breathalyzer test not once, but twice.

Jason Wimberly was charged with three traffic violations during the incident

After being pulled over, the husband of Cameran Eubanks, who was not yet married to the reality star at the time of the incident, received three traffic violations, one of which was reckless driving with alcohol. According to the police report, which was obtained by Radar Online, Wimberly ran a red light, made a U-Turn, and “then attempted to pull in to a fast food restaurant’s parking lot.” However, as he attempted to make the turn, Wimberly's vehicle reportedly drove over a curb and nearly hit the restaurant’s sign.

Upon coming face-to-face with Wimberly, the officer claimed he “was slow to respond to [his] verbal commands to exit the vehicle.” The officer then noticed that Wimberly had bloodshot eyes -- and that his speech was slurred.

Jason Wimberly refused a breathalyzer test

Wimberly turned down a breathalyzer test after being pulled over by police and after being arrested for DUI and taken to a police station, he refused another breathalyzer test. In court, Wimberly entered a not guilty plea, but later plead no contest to reckless driving in exchange for the two other charges being dismissed.

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