William Daniels has had a legendary career. He is best known for playing iconic roles such as Mr. John Adams, (1776) KITT ("Knight Rider") and of course Mr. Feeny. ("Boy Meets World"/"Girl Meets World") However, he says being in the spotlight wasn’t always fun and games. In a new interview with People Magazine, the actor opened up about his childhood.

Forced to perform

The 89-year-old actor, who recently released his memoir, "There I Go Again: How I Came To Be Mr’ Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT and Many Others," discussed how his mother, Irene, would drag him and his sisters to auditions starting when they were very young.

He recalled being forced to dance, sing and perform, at auditions, on radio, and on TV, often working late at night and on the weekends. He also said that at the time, children were rarely, if ever, compensated for the work they did in the world of acting.

When he began writing his memoir, he visited a psychologist, who told him that he had been robbed of what is considered a ‘normal childhood.' She also said that he was ‘forced to perform and was put into a situation he had no control over,’ something that is unhealthy for a child.

At first, Daniels was in denial about the psychologist's diagnosis, saying that at no point during his childhood did he feel as if he were being abused. For him, it seemed reasonable, despite the long hours of work and lack of being praised for the work he did.

He eventually realized that he and his sisters were 'tools for his mother's ambitions, both for them and herself,' and that there was always a lot of pressure for him to perform.

Forgiveness and love

Years later, he discussed his feelings with his parents, both of whom are deceased. He said that despite all they put him through, he has nothing but love for the both of them.

He added that although his mom was the ‘ultimate stage mother’, she helped him realize his love for acting.

“Clearly acting is what I wanted to do and what I’ve always wanted to do in spite of the countless times I said no and tried to push it all away,” he told People.