This week on "The Flash" we explore another adventure of Season 3 on an episode titled, "The Wrath of Savitar." Julian and Caitlin continue their awkward friendship that seems like a kindling relationship just under the surface. Meanwhile, Barry reveals that he has given Iris an engagement ring without first consulting her father. Cisco accepts the job as best man after Barry asks, but not before H.R. Wells tries to weasel in on the job first. Caitlin talks Julian into helping out the team by channeling Savitar but he first steals a quick kiss from her which she doesn't object to at all.

Caitlin and Wally do more harm than good by withholding information about Savitar

On their way to put out a fire, Wally admits to Barry that he's been having visions of Savitar, and now those have manifested into real life. Savitar knocks the snot out of Wally who is forced to divulge his dark secret to the fastest man alive, his mentor The Flash. Wally thought the whole situation was in his head and that's why he kept the situation quiet until it manifested physically. Barry declares that Wally is off the team until they can figure out what to do next.

It's later revealed that there are doubts that the Philosopher's Stone was destroyed when it was thrown into the speed force and Caitlin acts uneasy as if she knows something more about the stone than she'd like to share with everyone.

Later, Caitlin confesses to Julian that she is the one who has betrayed everyone and shows him that she currently possesses a shard of the Philosopher's Stone which she kept in order to rid herself of her powers, fearing she would eventually give in and become Killer Frost.

Iris is still in danger

Wally can't seem to run fast enough, so H.R.

concocts a plan to get Cisco to vibe them to the future so Wally can have a better understanding of how he can save Iris from being killed by Savitar. Cisco relents and shows Wally the future, showing him the exact amount of distance he needs to cover in order to save his sister from certain death. Wally watches his sister die, and is traumatized by the experience, but decides to get a closer look and detects that Iris is not wearing the engagement ring that Barry just gave her.

Cisco, sensing they've seen enough, takes them back to the relative safety of S.T.A.R. Labs. Wally confronts Barry and tells him he is withholding information about the future and accuses him of giving Iris the ring in a last ditch attempt to change the future.

The battle with Savitar doesn't go as planned

The end of the episode is kind of a hot mess, with Wally throwing the stolen shard into the speed force. This results in Wally being thrown somewhere out into the speed force and only his Kid Flash emblem and a fragment of his suit left behind. Also, as a result, Savitar can now exit the speed force and enter Earth 1. This devastates Jesse Quick and everyone else on the team.

A fight ensues and Savitar doesn't win, but he doesn't lose, either, skewering Barry Allen like a Shish Kabob.

Barry phases through the puncturing piece of Savitar and severs it off, freeing him from the beast and giving Cisco an item to tinker with in his lab. Barry is taken back to S.T.A.R. Labs where they operate on him and he begins to recover and the crew regroups their efforts for the inevitable showdown with the big bad on a future episode.