Earlier this week, the Republicans in the House of Representatives finally revealed their plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "Obamacare." After the details were made public, backlash quickly followed, while some liberal critics used to humor to target the GOP.

Daily Show on GOP

When Barack Obama was campaigning to become president, he vowed to change the direction of the American health care system. Not long after he was elected, Obama was able to get enough support for the Affordable Care Act, and signed the bill into law in 2010.

In the seven years since the law has been on the books, Obamacare has been the number one target for Republicans, who voted over 60 times in Congress to have it repealed. Now that their replacement has been put forward, it's received negative reviews from many, including some Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul. During the March 8 edition of "The Daily Show," host Trevor Noah took a shot at the bill in question.

"Here's what I find intriguing about this health care debacle," host Trevor Noah said. "Paul Ryan preached this for a very long time," Noah continued, before mocking the Speaker of the House for never providing an actual alternative over the last seven years.

Noah even gave his thoughts on what was going on in the mind of former President Barack Obama, who he believes knew all along that Republicans never had a credible alternative to Obamacare. "That was like a slick move," Noah said of Obama teasing Republican's over their potential replacement, before stating, "He's (Obama) like 'you ain't go sh*t."

Trevor Noah then played a recent clip from MSNBC where they broke down who the winners and losers were under the GOP-created health care proposal.

MSNBC found that the winners in the Repubican bill were "young," "wealthy," and also the "insurers." However, the losers were broken down into three categories; the "elderly," the "poor," and the "sick." "I'm not a medical expert, but I feel like if one of the losers of your health care plan is sick people, you've f**ked up," "The Daily Show" host concluded.

Moving forward

In addition to Trevor Noah's criticism, others have also been vocal in their opposition. The AARP and the Federation of American Hospitals have publicly come against the bill, as has a wide range of Hollywood celebrities who are using their popularity to spread the word about the potentially damaging results that could occur if the bill became law.