Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are moving closer to an engagement. At least, that's what people think after noticing that they are seeing more and more of each other. On Tuesday, March 21, it was reported that Prince Harry made it possible for them to go on a secret tour of the National History Museum in London. The couple was able to enjoy a private tour after the museum was closed to the public.

The secret tour

According to The Sun, the prince and the actress were allowed into the museum after it closed on Sunday night. Prince Harry made that possible because Meghan had always wanted to go.

The private visit was arranged for obvious reasons. They did not want to be distracted by people watching their every move. They wanted to enjoy the exhibits peacefully. Elle magazine described it as the most Romantic Date in London.

Meghan is staying in London

Meghan didn't head back to Toronto after her romantic museum date. She is once again staying in London with Prince Harry. Meghan spent January and part of February with Harry at his home in Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace. She has stayed there so much recently that security knows who she is, and she is waved inside by the guards. Also, the actress has moved a few of her personal belongings there.

When Meghan is not staying in London, she and the prince still manage to get together.

For instance, she and Harry attended the wedding of one of the prince's closet friends in Jamaica two weeks ago. By most accounts, it means something special when a couple goes to a wedding together.

Speculation about the couple's future

It has been reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship is stronger than any relationship the prince has ever had.

Harry, 32, has been dating Meghan since last July. She lives in Toronto where her hit legal drama "Suits" is based. The next series for the show doesn't start filming again until April. People are speculating that the 35-year-old actress will quit the show after one more season. That would free her to spend more time in England with Harry as their relationship continues to grow.