This year "Pokémon" is on its 21st birthday and decided to celebrate it with various events and announcements. What we didn't expect was that this would take advantage of a promise made in relation to its previous anniversary. The 20th feature film of the franchise will be call: "Gekijōban Pocket Monster: Kimi and Kimeta!" ("Pokémon - I choose you!").

The official YouTube channel of Pokémon had already presented a teaser, which showed us some images of this new movie, but today we received the first official trailer that gives us a better look at the latest film of the franchise.

You can see it below.

Pikachu and Ash: the first encounter once again

"Pokémon - I choose you!" Is part of the events that the company launched last year in celebration of its 20th birthday. Unlike traditional Pokémon films, stories transverse to anime that tend to focus on one Legendary pokémon of the most recent generation, this movie will again tell the beginning of the adventure of Ash Ketchum.

The feature film will be based on the first episode of the anime with the same name ('I choose you!') Focusing on the first events of Ash's adventure: his farewell to Paleta Town and his first interaction with pikachu. Some elements seem to be intact: Pikachu's dislike for his trainer, his encounter with a Spearow flock and an encounter with the legendary pokémon Ho-oh.

Potential changes to the story we know and love

However, the trailer also seems to us to anticipate small differences with the anime. For example, we do not see Misty anywhere (Ash steals her bike in an attempt to escape from the Spearows, although it ends destroyed and motivates her to go with him on the journey). Nor can we see Gary, although at the beginning of the trailer Oak's voice is heard.

It is possible that in this case, the film focuses more on the relationship between Ash and his Pikachu than on secondary characters. It is also worth wondering how they plan to expand 25 minutes to a whole movie.

"Pokémon - I choose you!" It will be released in July 2017. It has not been reported that the film will be presented in theaters in America, but because it is an Anniversary movie it may be an exception.