The episode 14 of "The Walking Dead" Season 7, named “The Other Side," will follow the Saviors as they attack the Hilltop Colony. In the meantime, Sasha and Rosita will continue with their suicide mission to kill Negan. The short teaser for “The Other Side” published on TV Guide states: “The Saviors pay an amazing visit to the Hilltop, taking all by surprise. This time, they are projecting on getting more than only supplies.”

Highlights and trailer Episode 14

With the resting three chapters before its final episode, a lot of unexpected events are supposed to be taking place that draws out a miserable death for some well-loved actors.The pain and the spilling of blood that they all encountered from the last episode of the TV series are all pointed to the evil person Negan, performed by J.D.


After the episode that was aired last Sunday, March 9, many considerations about the next episode are now all around the leaders, hinting that two principal characters will be doing a long penance to murder Negan on a suicide mission. In this Season 7 finale episodes of "The Walking Dead," Negan was set to kill Abraham and be done with it. Rick's team could have continued on their plan, and no one else had to fall that day. Daryl Dixon had other projects, although. He hopped up and hit Negan in the face which helped Negan to kill Glenn and catch Daryl as a prisoner.

Episode 14 Season 7 preview and spoilers

Daryl (N. Reedus) is soon at Hilltop, after going out from the Kingdom. Based on news from SDF, it sounds like a much-moving episode, as well as a tight one, as Daryl drops from the visiting Saviors, and Rosita (C.

Serratos) Sasha's (S. Martin-Green) project falls apart. While Rick improves more people and researchers for guns, Maggie is full taking command at Hilltop. It’s pretty evident that Gregory is losing his position as leader.

The episode 14 of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 that is titled “The Other Side," will air on AMC on Sunday, March 19, at 9.00 pm EST. This episode will be followed by chapter 15, titled "Something They Need."