"Logan" is Hugh Jackman's final hoorah as the claw slashing mutant Wolverine. The film is the third and possibly final installment in the Wolverine series and director James Mangold's second film after "The Wolverine."

Mangold's second directed movie, with a script by David James Kelly and Michael Green, "Logan" follows the story of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Logan "Wolverine." (Hugh Jackman) Their final adventure is in a future where mutants aren't abundant, and a young girl with familiar powers finds herself in need of their help.

Since "Logan" is opening in theaters March 3, here's some things you need to know before seeing the film.

Setting, Plot, and Timeline in 'Logan.'

"Logan" takes place in the year of 2029, a future where mutants aren't nearly as abundant. The earliest trailer depicts scars and gashes on Wolverine's back, strongly hinting that his healing ability is getting weak. He's aging, he's losing his powers, and he's a professional chauffeur in Texas. Him and Professor X find a girl, X-23, a mutant who possesses powers similar to Wolverine's. Once she learns they're on the run, they agree to help her.

The timeline in "Logan" is a follow-up to the timeline reset in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," and is the third movie in the Wolverine franchise. This future is an "alternate" to the one in "Days of Future Past, around" and it takes at the same time.

Events that happened in previous "X-Men" films.

Cast, Villians, and Characters in 'Logan'

Logan is supposedly the last film for both Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. Jackman is set on saying goodbye to a role he's filled for 17 years. Stewart is also moving on from his role as Charles Xavier, passing on the role to James McAvoy.

There's no confirmation of who will play Wolverine in future films, or if the character will be removed entirely.

Wolverine and Professor X are up against Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant), head of project Transigen, and his ruthless head of security, Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). Donald Pierce heads The Reavers, cybernetic humans sent to hunt and kill mutants and they're looking for the young mutant, X-23.

Knowing these details will help things make sense for viewing "Logan." Catch "Logan" in Theaters March 3.