Alright, so recently, the team got to sit down and chat up season 2 possibilities with the cast and crew of NBC's hit drama: "This Is Us," and we learned some pretty interesting things. We could possibly see a Kate and Toby wedding. The writers plan on dialing down the heavy,sad moments. Beth might have a problem with William's new desire to adopt a child, and more.

Toby and Kate might get hitched

In their season 2 spoiler chat, they started things off by talking about Toby and Kate. TV line asked if they would see these two walk down the isle in season 2.

Chrissy Metz aka Kate told them that we might hear some wedding bells for those two. Chris Sullivan aka Toby, chimed in to say that he thinks they will be coming down from the falling-in-love stage, and that it's about to get real. He also mentioned that he would like to see them get married in a water park.

More happy times

Next, they asked the writers if they could lighten up on all the emotional stuff in season 2. They responded by telling them that they actually do plan on balancing out that aspect. One example they gave, was them pitching ideas for the new season, and they just kept saying that the new ideas were too sad. So, they're definitely working to not go so hard with the downer moments.

No baby right now

After that, we heard from Susan Kelechi Watson. She talked about Randall and his new desire to adopt a baby. She doesn't think Beth is going to be ok with that, because she was looking forward to trying out other things, and to also figure out some things for herself. She also commented about him quitting his job, saying that she thinks Beth will be ok with that and his goal of finding a new career path.

How he lived instead

Lastly, they mentioned that no one was up for talking about how Jack actually dies. However, they did say that Kate thinks that however it happens, is her fault. Then Jack's portrayer ,Milo Ventimiglia, chimed in to say, "Let's focus on how he lived." I can definitely see why he would say that, because his current employment actually depends on them doing that if you know what I mean.

Anyways, after that, Chris Sullivan, chimed back in to mention that he wouldn't mind them, stretching out the Jack death reveal for seven or eight seasons. Geez, can you guys wait that long to find out? It seems rather long. Anyways, that's all that they mentioned in the TV Line interview ,for now, but definitely stay tuned, because there are many more season 2 interviews coming out.