Hey, "Designated Survivor" fans. We recently got a couple of new spoiler scoops in from the ABC folks for the upcoming episode 12 of the current season 1, and it sounds like things will definitely continue to get very intense when Aaron and Emily increase their crazy tensions! We're also going to see security tighten up even further when a new conspiracy discovery emerges, and more. We got a total of three storylines to share with you, so lets get into it.

Loyalties tested

First, their press release let us know that this installment is labeled: "The End Of The Beginning." Wow, that almost sounds like a riddle or something.

Anyways, according to their synopsis, they revealed that we're definitely going to see some loyalties get tested, because agent Hanna Wells is going to discover yet another piece of the conspiracy at some point. They put this part in all-caps, so look for this particular storyline to get a lot of attention.

They went on to say, that we're going to see circles tighten up after this new find, which means they'll probably implement some heavy increases in security. The big questions for this storyline, is: what is this new discovery that Hanna has stumbled upon? What will she do about it? One thing's for sure, we should definitely get some interesting scenes out of this one.

Emily and Aaron drama

Next, we learn that Aaron and Emily are not going to be getting along too well, either, as they tell us that there's going to be some rising tension going on with that situation, due to a lot of new suspicions that are just looming like nobody's business in the freaking White House. Will these two be able to eventually settle down?

Or will the rising tension totally get the better of them? That's a couple of important questions for this scenario.

She's almost got it

Lastly, we've got this last teaser that reveals, we're going to see Hanna get even closer to uncovering the truth at some point as they tell us that Agent Wells is going to get closer than ever before to uncovering what exactly is the truth after a brand, new lead gets thrown in her direction.

What could this new lead be? What will she do if she actually finds the truth? These are two big questions that we hope get answered in this one, but it sounds serious enough to stretch it out over a couple of future episodes. We'll see. They got David Guggenheim to write up the script for this one, and Mike Listo handled the directing. We can also confirm that this second installment is due to air next Wednesday night, March 15th at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.