One of the stars of the wildly successful "The Fast and the Furious" movie franchise just pulled a really fast one on female fans all over the world. R&B singing sensation Tyrese Gibson broke the news of his secret wedding via Instagram on Tuesday. Not only did Gibson tie the knot, but he has been married for weeks. Gibson and his bride exchanged vows on that most romantic of days, Valentine's Day.

Star posts video featuring candid wedding shots

Gibson's instagram video post opened with a simple black screen showing the words "On Valentine's Day February 14th We Said Yes!".

The video went on to show a shot of the bride's hand atop of Gibson's hand, displaying their spectaculars rings off to a dazzling vantage point. Also in Gibson's post were photos of the bride, eyes closed and smiling, hugging Gibson with her arms entwined across his shoulders. In another photo, Gibson is standing slightly to the side and rear of her, embracing her from behind as they both smile into the camera, as she holds the bridal bouquet.

The romantic crooner wore a white tuxedo jacket and shirt with black pants. The bride was adorned in a slim fitting light pink gown. The wedding dress was sleeveless with a halter-style choker collar embroidered with diamonds. The look was stunningly finished with a diamond headband and dew drop diamond earrings.

Just below the video, Gibson posted "Mark 10:8 And the two will become OneFlesh - Mr & Mrs Gibson".

Gibson headed off to exotic honeymoon

Gibson continued with the rollout surprises today on his Instagram. He posted a spectacular picture of the Egyptian Pyramids revealing that this would be his honeymoon destination. He asked his 7.8 million followers to "please #Tag the people I should know there locally - Please?

Thank you!" He went on to say he looks forward to not only exploring the historic culture, but to meeting the people and even the royals.

While Gibson is being secretive about the identity of his new wife, he did reveal that they'd gone through pre-marital counseling with famed mega church Pastor Creflo Dollar, and that he has found "MyBlackQueen".

He said that they still weren't quite ready to share their secret nuptials with the world, but as more people found out, he wanted to be the one to reveal it to his fans directly, hence the announcement via Instagram.