"Once Upon a Time" returned last Sunday on ABC with the episode "Tougher than the Rest," which saw the return of the Wish Realm Emma became trapped within. In this episode, Hook and David worked together to find a way to retrieve Emma, while David started on his no sleep until he fixes everything vow. Rumple and Belle discovered that the hooded figure from Emma's vision was none other than their son Gideon who is now an adult after being raised by the Black Fairy. The episode ended with Regina and Emma returning to Storybrooke with Robin of Locksley in tow.

Several spoilers have been released following the show's return.

New cast members for the season 6 finale

The young star from "Jane the Virgin," Alison Fernandez has been cast in a mysterious role for the season 6 finale, with the potential for further episodes. Not much else has been released about the character other than the basic description released by ABC: a mischievous 10-year-old. ABC also announced casting for a hopeful turned cynical, strong yet vulnerable character to appear in the finale, with the possibility of being a series regular if the show is renewed for a season 7. Andrew J. West from "The Walking Dead" landed the role. A possible theory has emerged following the casting, and an interview with showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, stating that if the show continues it'll do so having been "reset." No further explanation has been given, but fans are speculating that this mysterious character is an adult Henry, and season 7 will follow his story as he tries to rekindle his hope in magic.

What to expect for the rest of the season

This Sunday will focus on David (Josh Dallas) as he turns to Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) for help solving his father's murder. David will continue struggling with sharing a sleeping curse with wife Snow that prevents them from being together. His newfound decision to not wake Snow and get some sleep with have dire consequences as he's pushed to solve the murder of his father.

With no Snow to act as a guide, David will be heading down a darker path. Dallas teases that David will be so caught up in the madness of trying to solve the murder, that it'll take an unlikely source to pull him back from the edge. Hook and David will find new respect for each other as Hook acts as the hero while David succumbs to the obsessive state.

Flashbacks will go all the way back to the beginning when David and James were first split up. Alan Dale returns as King George.

During the hour, expect to see more of Wish Realm Robin (Sean Maguire) as he adjusts to the modern town of Storybrooke. Lana Parrilla shares that her character Regina has high expectations for this version of the man she loved. The situation could prove to be heartbreaking as Regina relives the relationship she had every time she sees him, but this Robin isn't real, and has no intention of giving to the poor. This Robin will have a darker side than the beloved thief. As for the Evil Queen who was last seen as a snake, she won't remain a snake forever, and episode 14 will be a big episode for her and Regina.

Remember to watch "Once Upon a Time" this Sunday on ABC!