Hey, "Blue Bloods" peeps. Unfortunately, yes it's very true that your favorite show is currently out of commission right now, because it's March Madness time,baby! So, the new episode 18 of season 7 is going to have to wait until Friday night, March 31st,2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to commit that to memory ,whichever way you can, so you don't miss it.

Two weeks of NCAA Basketball, baby!

Alright, so here's what's going on, tonight, with the CBS primetime line-up. Basically, it's been completely wiped out across the board to make way for coverage of the big 2017 NCAA college basketball tournament game aka March Madness, baby!

The teams that will be playing, are: the Dayton Flyers vs. the Wichita State Shockers in Indianapolis,Indiana. It is their first round game, so things are just getting underway.

Next week on March 24th,2017, we're going to see even more coverage of this tournament when CBS airs the big regional semifinal game. The teams are obviously ,yet to be determined, as we'll have to see who wins all the games leading up to it. One thing's for sure, it's going to be pure madness, baby! All the college basketball fans will be going wild over this thing! All you Blue Bloods fans that are not in to college basketball, will definitely want to make other plans for the next two weeks, because CBS is very devoted to this coverage.

More intel for episode 18

As previously reported, CBS did serve up a press release for the new episode 18, which revealed the synopsis for it. It pointed out that one of the main storylines will feature Danny, very busy trying to find out what happened to a former cop after she goes missing. Apparently, things go bad when she tries to confront a woman that she wrongfully convicted a few years back.

Then the second storyline will involve some drama with Frank, because he'll have to deal with some old dude who just refuses to freaking retire ,already, even though he's past the mandatory age limit. Also, the episode is labeled: "A Deep Blue Goodbye." Unfortunately, CBS did not give us a promo clip for this one yet. They're pretty bad about that, actually. We probably won't see one, show up until the week that it's set to air on, so be sure to start looking for it around that time, and stay tuned.