Rumors that Mona Scott Young was courting Keshia Cole to join "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" have been confirmed by the singer herself. In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, Keshia admits that she considered joining the "LHHH" cast but that the money just wasn't right. It turns out that the "Heaven Sent" singer was asking for a huge paycheck, confirming that it was over a million dollars.

Keshia Cole considered joining 'LHHH'

According to Cole, Mona Scott Young reached out to her and even tried to get her attention by also reaching out to her manager and through Remy Ma in an attempt to get her to join the VH1 reality show.

While Keshia said that she thought that a stint on "Love & Hip Hop" could be good for her career, she wasn't interested in all the drama and catfighting that has made the show so famous.

Keshia Cole also said that she and her team tried to negotiate a dollar amount in order for her to join the show but that both sides just couldn't come to an agreement. When asked if she was asking for a million, Keshia admitted, "It was a little more than that."

'Trust' singer wanted more than $1 million

Now, Keshia Cole says she doesn't want a starring role on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" at all. After failing to negotiate a paycheck that she thought was fair, Keshia says the whole experience has left a bad taste in her mouth.

The singer said she "didn't like the energy of it all" and now she's content with not being on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" after all.

That's too bad because the Hollywood version of the VH1 show is definitely struggling for ratings more than Atlanta or New York. Adding someone like Keshia would entice more viewers to tune in, especially since she recently had some relationship drama with Bow Wow, who is sort of related to the show since he famously dated former "LHHNY" star, Erica Mena.

Keshia Cole is also no stranger to drama and between herself and her mom, she certainly could have upped the ratings and probably brought an even bigger spotlight to her career. Do you think Keshia should take a smaller check and sign on for the next season of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood"? Sound off in the comments section below.