The drama just won't stop for "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Shanda Denyce. Season 3 of the VH1 hit has featured her husband Willie Taylor's affair with side chick Kyesha Shalina and it's caused some marital problems for the couple as well. As if that's not enough, Kyesha has been harassing Shanda on social media and she just wants the other woman to leave her alone.

Kyesha Shalina claims Shanda knew about her before 'LHHH'

Of course, there are three sides to every story and this "LHHH" love triangle is no different. In a recent radio interview withWGCI 107.5 in Chicago, Kyesha decided to defend herself.

She claims that she never knew that Willie Taylor was actually married to Shanda despite what it all looked like after VH1 got done editing her scenes. She also said that Shanda knew about her the whole time and that Willie and Shanda cheat on each other a lot.

Now Shanda has already admitted that she and Willie have both stepped out in the past. She also said that they had been working on their relationship and that she wasn't cheating on Willie anymore. His relationship with Kyesha did seem to be pretty shocking for Shanda as she learned just how deep Willie's betrayal went.

To make matters worse, rather than take out her hurt on Willie, the one who caused this whole mess in the first place, Kyesha keeps taking jabs at his wife Shanda.

She even showed up to an open mic night where Shanda was going to perform and decided to start a war with the"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star by performing her own little diss track that was aimed at Shanda.

Shanda just wants Willie's side chick to leave her alone

The two women have been beefing ever since cameras started rolling and it seems like the one who hasn't taken much heat is Willie Taylor.

Instead, he's been seen chatting it up with his friends about how to get Shanda back as "LHHH" fans saw recently during a clip that featured Willie and his friend Lil Fizz.

Most recently, Shanda Denycetook to Instagram with a message for her husband's other woman. She just wants Kyesha Shalina to leave her alone. After all, she wasn't the one sneaking around and cheating this time.

All she's doing now is trying to figure out what her next move will be in her marriage.

The lengthy message on a recent photo post by Shanda included this message and it was clearly meant for Kyesha. "I don't get why anyone else feels as if they matter! ..... Like stop.... Give it up ..... I'll deal with him but not you. AND STOP TAGGING ME ...."