There is always talk about reality shows being fake, and now there is a bit of proof coming out that parts of “90 Day Fiance” were faked for the show. Radar Online shared how Mohamed Jbali admitted that he had to film a few scenes for the show over once again, basically faking them. Mohamad and danielle just recently got a divorce and have totally moved on from each other. It really does seem like they are done.

It turns out that Mohamed had to go to Erie County Common Pleas Court, where Judge Tygh Tone granted his divorce from ex-wife Danielle Mullins.

Mohamed actually filmed a scene where he was talking to producers and then shared it to his Facebook page. It shared a detail that shows that the show if fake.

In the video, Mohamad Jbali says, ““I am going to put the same clothes on and redo the scenes for the courthouse. I’m going to do that today until noon.” It sounds like they didn’t get everything filmed when he really went to court, so they had to go back to do it again. Fans are not going to be happy to hear that "90 Day Fiance" faked a scene like this for the show. Other reality shows have been discovered doing the exact same thing in the past.

Mohamad also shared that he didn’t talk to Danielle at all, but instead he just talked to his lawyer, and he knows that they are divorced now.

It seems to be all that mattered to him. He did go on to share that he is going to be leaving the states and now going to Canada so that he can go to school there. He says that one reason he is leaving is so that he can prove that he didn’t marry Danielle just to get a green card and stay in the United States. It may take a lot more than that to prove it to everyone, though.

Danielle and Mohamad never really seemed like a perfect match for each other.

Are you shocked to hear that Mohamad is admitting to the world that he faked a scene for “90 Day Fiance”? Do you think that this is done often on reality shows? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss “90 Day Fiance” when it returns to TLC.