Tonight’s episode of Fox’s “masterchef junior was a very special one for the top fourteen contestants. Not only are they competing for a spot in the top twelve, but they are cooking for two very special people.

From the White House to the Masterchef kitchen

The show opens with former First Lady Michelle Obama giving the kids their first task of the evening. They must complete a mystery box challenge inspired by the White House garden. The dish must contain a plate with fruits and veggies, along with protein, grains, and dairy. The fruit and vegetables must take up half the plate.

The winner will get their dish featured at a special event at the White House.

My personal favorite of the night was when Lila said she and Michelle Obama are ‘twinsies' because they are so much alike.

The top three cooks in this challenge are Peyton, Lila, and Justice, with Justice winning it all!

She will also get to go to the White House and have dinner with Michelle Obama. There is also a special cake waiting for her upstairs as she celebrates her victory and immunity. She also gets to save two people. Her choice? Mark and Shayne.

Modern Mom

julie bowen, best known for her role as Claire on Modern Family, surprises them as a guest judge. She wants them to cook a special dish to honor their moms and tells them that they have pictures of their moms in their station drawers.

Julie openly admits she can’t cook but loves to grow her own veggies. However, she is cute when dealing with the kids, especially when it comes to tasting their food. She admits that this challenge even got her to eat meat again.

The winner of this challenge was Afnan, whose dish was impressive, delicious and way beyond his years.

The judges are quite impressed that he was able to cook something so amazing at such a young age.

Who was eliminated?

Evan, Donovan, and Mashu are in the bottom three for this task. Chef Ramsay decides to save Evan, meaning Donovan and Mashu are going home.

Masterchef Junior airs Thursdays at 8 pm EST, only on Fox