The nation watched as incoming First Lady Melania Trump presented a box to outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017. She was following what Michelle Obama had done when she presented a gift to First Lady Laura Bush in 2009 when she and President Obama moved into the White House eight years ago.

Presenting the box

Michelle Obama didn't know what to do with the box, but she knew she shouldn't hold it as the four people took their first photo together on the steps of the White House. President Obama took the box and handed it to a White House staffer.

Since the awkward encounter, there has been speculation on social media about what might be in the beautifully wrapped box. Additionally, people on social media have created and posted some funny memes about the blue box. One commenter suggested that Melania was giving Michelle her speech back.

The Tiffany box

Viewers recognized the iconic Tiffany box because no other store uses the blue box tied with a white ribbon. That is Tiffany's trademark. Tiffany in New York is located next door to Trump Tower. Therefore, it would have been easy for Melania to purchase something from the upscale store. President Trump is known to favor Tiffany for shopping. In fact, it was reported that he named his youngest daughter, Tiffany, after the luxury retailer.

Tiffany sells expensive items including jewelry, sterling silver, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, water bottles, watches, picture frames, personal accessories, and leather goods. So, most people are assuming an engraved silver tray or a picture frame was inside the box.

"Inside Edition" offered some of the possible items that could fit into the 12 by 18-inch box.

The NBC television newsmagazine concluded that it could be a picture frame ranging in price from $650 to $1,000. Also, with the box's dimensions, an engraved silver tray could easily fit into it. Tiffany offers that item for about $4,400.

At some point, the contents of the Tiffany box will be revealed. The Obamas left for their Palm Springs vacation as soon as Trump was sworn in.

They didn't have time to open the box before they left. Michelle Obama will more than likely send Melania Trump a thank you note for the gift and mention what it is on social media. Then the mystery will be solved.